Recovery Month 2018 is here but how did Recovery Month begin?

September is nationally recognized as Recovery Month but how and when did Recovery Month begin? In 1988 the American Society of Addiction Medicine was approved and accepted into membership by the House of Delegates of the American Medical Association as a national medical specialty society. In 1989 The Northeast Regional Methadone Treatment Coalition evolved into the American Methadone Treatment Association (AMTA). As a result a campaign was launched in 1989 that was sponsored by government and private treatment organizations and led by NAADAC called Treatment Works!. Throughout the 1990’s Treatment Works! Sponsored various events raising awareness about addiction and addiction treatment. In 1998 Treatment Works! Was renamed the “National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. In addition to the rebranding of its name they also expanded their focus to include individuals in recovery, including friends and families. For a more comprehensive history visit the Recovery Month historical timeline by clicking HERE 

Recovery Marketing of America is committed to providing ethically and morally upstanding addiction treatment center marketing so the presence of addiction treatment centers can be raised and lives can be saved. The theme for this years Recovery Month is “Join the voices for Recovery: Invest in Health, Home, Purpose, and Community”. All of us at Recovery Marketing of America have a special interest in people suffering from addiction, their friends and families, people who are currently in recovery, and people and addiction treatment centers that dedicate their time and energy to helping people find freedom from active addiction.

In honor of Recovery Month Recovery Marketing of America will do a series of articles dedicated to the four elements of this years campaign: Health, Home, Purpose, and Community. Everybody here at Recovery Marketing of America challenges YOU to do the following: Help at least one person everyday this month. Whether that is someone suffering from addiction, their family members, or dedicating your off time to posting something on social media to raise awareness about the fact that there is a way out of addiction. Post your progress!

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