Marketing Materials

Recovery Marketing of America (RMA) wants to help every addiction treatment center put their best foot forward. Engaging and consistent design across all digital and physical marketing material helps to establish trust from potential clients before you even meet them. Recovery Marketing of America will help your addiction treatment facility create trust, establish rapport, and offer superior service to your clients from the very beginning. At Recovery Marketing of America (RMA) we have seen time and time again addiction treatment facilities try and overlook this vital tool in the beginning only to have to rebrand themselves at a later date which is difficult to do, and more costly. The following is a list of materials we recommend creating from the beginning:

Logo Design

Your addiction treatment centers logo matters. Imagine Nike without the Swoosh or McDonald’s without the Golden Arches. In addition to having the name of your drug treatment center designed in an aesthetically pleasing fashion you should also have a logo to go along with it. Your addiction treatment centers logo will appear on every piece of marketing material designed, from email signature, to your exterior sign, to your social media headers.


The pamphlets your addiction drug treatment center will distribute will offer information about addiction, recovery, and other information that is important for your clients and their families. An example would be a pamphlet about the effects of opiates, what signs and symptoms to look for, and what to do in case of an overdose. The pamphlet will have the name, number, social media outlets, and website of your addiction treatment center and will be designed utilizing the logo and branding scheme initially created.


The brochures your addiction treatment center will distribute will offer information about your drug treatment center. Specific brochures will be created in order to assist your marketers in establishing relationships with referral sources. Many referral sources will differ from each other and it is imperative that each brochure appeals to each specific referral source. Each brochure will have consistent branding along with your addiction treatment centers information.

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