LegitScript Addiction Treatment Advertising Now Includes Facebook

As of August 8th, 2018 all addiction treatment centers that want to buy ads on Facebook will now be required to go through the LegitScript certification program. According to LegitScript’s Josh Horton, there are currently 335 unique facilities that have been approved to advertise on Google and Facebook as of this post.


In September of 2017 Google shut down all Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns for addiction treatment centers, halting hundreds of millions of dollars from funneling into Google. Addicts, or their friends or relatives, would perform a Google search for an addiction treatment center close to their home, click on the top ad which often was a call center or referral service, then the referral service would pressure the addicts or their families to send them somewhere far away and collect a fee if the addict went.


In April of this year Google partnered with LegitScript in order to properly vet and provide certifications for addiction treatment centers to advertise on Google. LegitScript is a independent third party organization that monitors and verifies online pharmacies and other healthcare companies. The process to become certified is a tedious one. There are approximately 15 different criteria that must be met, including a criminal background check, in order to become certified. Depending upon how many treatment centers you have, the response and turn around tme of documentation, and the waiting list, the process could take anywhere from 4-6 weeks.  The following are the fees associated with becoming certified:


Number of unique facilitiesApplication fee per unique facilityAnnual fee per unique facility
1 to 9$995$1,995
10 to 24$945$1,870
25 to 49$895$1,745
50 to 99$845$1,620


If your company has 3 treatment centers then the first year cost would be approximately $7,000.00 in order to become certified and $6,000.00 per year. This does not include the amount of money you will spend on actually advertising.


The process to become certified can be tedious and if the proper documents are not sent, questions not answered in a timely fashion, or there is a simple data entry error, you could lose your application fee and your addiction treatment center would have to go to the back of the line. Recovery Marketing of America will oversee the whole process for your facility making sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed.


America is currently in the midst of one of the worst drug epidemics in our nations history. Our staff at Recovery Marketing of America and thoroughly involved in the recovery community and we see the impact of addiction everyday. Professionals and government officials have been stunned and bewildered by this epidemic, from major cities like Philadelphia to small neighborhoods in Ohio, addiction has been on a warpath.  There are many wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing in the treatment industry so I am sure we can all agree that Google & Facebook’s willingness to thin out the herd of nefarious advertisers looking to make a dollar off the backs of dying addicts can be applauded by all of us. Connect with us at RMA to discuss how we can assist your addiction treatment facility in becoming LegitScript certified.

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