Following is a list of the most frequently asked questions in website design, development, and addiction treatment marketing —please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have!

Your addiction treatments website will often be your clients, or client’s families, first impression and introduction to your drug treatment facility. The old cliche “you will not get a second chance to make a first impression” has never been more important. Your website needs to be responsive, inviting, informative, and feature functions that all result in a specific call to action: Pick up the phone and call. Many DIY websites do not give you the flexibility to customize your website. In addition you can not make consistent changes (which SEO requires) and often you do not own your drug treatment facilities domain name. Recovery Marketing of America builds state of the art, fully functioning, lead providing websites. Doesn’t your treatment center deserve the best first impression? Click HERE to learn more about our website design or fill out the form below.

In September of 2017 Google restricted and removed PPC advertising for addiction treatment claiming that many online searches were leading addicts to click on ads for rehab centers that were unfit to help them or, in some cases, endangering their lives. As of April 2018 Google has reinstated addiction treatment centers ability to advertise via PPC but a vetting process is now required. Recovery Marketing of America has experience guiding facilities through the complicated process of becoming approved to advertise on Google. Click HERE for more information on Pay Per Click advertising on Google or fill out the form below.

True addiction treatment marketing is comprised of a phenomenally designed and functioning website, a 1st page presence on Google, a strong and consistent Social Media presence, and digital messaging that answers potential client questions. Studies show  that 80% of Internet users in America, or 93 million people, search for health related topics online. Another study shows that 75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design. With a poorly designed and flawed functioning website, a weak social media presence, and no presence on Google for ranking keywords, your addiction treatment facility is abandoning over 69 million people. We understand 69 million people do not need addiction treatment but everybody knows somebody who does which means we want everybody to be aware of your addiction treatment center. For more information on how Recovery Marketing of America can exponentially improve your census through digital marketing click HERE or fill out the form below.

At Recovery Marketing of America (RMA) we have both professional and personal experience with the devastation of addiction and the life saving process of recovery. Our team consists of people who have suffered from addiction, experienced decades of recovery, earned degrees in behavioral health and psychology, worked in various addiction treatment settings, and have been a part of opening new addiction treatment centers, PHP programs, and outpatient facilities. We are expert designers, master addiction treatment marketers, and we offer creative and unique messaging for each specific treatment center. We are able to offer unique messaging because we understand that no two addiction treatment centers are the same. RMA exceeds expectations because we live, work, and breathe addiction treatment marketing, branding, and recovery in all parts of our lives. Click HERE to connect with Recovery Marketing of America for a free consult or fill out the form below.

The cliche “you get what you pay for” may have been created by a digital marketing CEO! All jokes aside, many of our clients have tried to build a website themselves, used a DIY site, or “had a friend” build their addiction treatment centers  website only to approach us after they were dissatisfied with the look and performance of their website. Website design and SEO is as much an art as it is a science and our team at Recovery Marketing of America is as skilled as they come. Not only are we elite tech providers but we also understand the Recovery community and Addiction Treatment Marketing as much as anyone else and the combination of these characteristics is what makes us great at what we do for addiction treatment centers. For a free consultation click HERE or fill out the form below.

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