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In recovery you can not substitute the perseverance, hard work, and determination it takes to get and stay clean, and the same is applicable to the work that is necessary to put your best foot forward as an addiction  treatment provider. When all of the following services are utilized, drug treatment centers will see their census grow, their reputation respected, and lives saved.

Website Design

Often your website will be the first interaction your addiction treatment facility will have with a potential client. If that first impression is not a great one not only may you lose a client, but someone may lose their life. This is the exact reason why Recovery Marketing of America (RMA) exists. We care deeply about desperate dying addicts and we want to elevate addiction treatment service providers to their best possible position by helping them make an outstanding first impression so that lives can be saved.

We begin this process with a modern, state of the art, fully functional, mobile friendly website that engages potential clients and / or clients families right from the beginning. There is a science behind website design and here at Recovery Marketing of America (RMA) we are well versed in how that science works. We stay up to date with all the latest trends and new digital tools that are available in website design. All websites are not the same and all website designers are not equipped to provide your facility with what’s required. We have put together a PDF that provides, in detail, a comprehensive overview of what is required for a fully functional drug treatment website. If you are interested in receiving this please click here

Custom WordPress Development

We will be using WordPress Content Management Systems to build your website. Roughly 35% of the on the internet, roughly 80 million websites are made with WordPress. We have become experts at creating custom WordPress solutions. For more information about WordPress click here.

Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever heard “We will have you on the first page on Google in 30 days”? If an agency is telling you that they can have you on Google in the first 30 days you should run! The Addiction Treatment and Recovery community have been hit hard with fly by night agencies selling dreams to treatment centers. What they do not tell you is that SEO is a lot like recovery in that there is no substitute for time. It takes consistency, hard work, a specific skill set, and patience. The bottom line is that there are many more treatment centers who are fighting for the first page of Google then there are available spots on the first page. What Recovery Marketing of America (RMA) does is show you how to get on, and stay on, the first page of Google.

Organic and long standing SEO requires:

We know you have questions. Feel free to call us at Recovery Marketing of America (RMA) at 1-833-RMA-HELP or click here.

SOcial Media Marketing

Social Media is defined as “An informal social gathering, especially one organized by people of a particular group”. They keyword in the definition is informal. You would look silly showing up to a barbecue in a tuxedo! This is where many addiction treatment centers make their mistakes. Social Media was designed, created, and intended for people to share their lives and ideas with each other, not for companies to unsolicitedly sell their products or services. People are smart, especially addicts and people in recovery, and they can see a hard sell coming from a mile away. At Recovery Marketing of America (RMA) we help you establish your voice and speak the right language in the world of Social Media in order to be a true part of the conversation instead of coming off like pushy salesmen.

Here are a few facts about Social Media that every addiction treatment center should be aware of:


As of 2018 there are 325 million Americans. There are roughly 214 million Facebook members in America so basically the whole country is on Facebook!


78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day. (HubSpot). By 2020, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic (85% in the US). (Cisco). YouTube is the second most trafficked site, after Google. (Alexa). One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. (Forrester Research).


Currently there are 800 million total Instagram users. Brand engagement on Instagram is 10X that on Facebook, 54X that On Pinterest and 84X that on Twitter.


Twitter has 330 million monthly active users, about a four percent increase over last year. A third of users who follow companies have Retweeted a business Tweet. Eighty-three percent of people who Tweeted at a business and got a response came away feeling better about that business.

We are sure you can imagine after reading the statistics above that Social Media is not something that should be a side note to your marketing efforts and it is not something that should be handed off to an intern. Recovery Marketing of America (RMA) produces serious results. The reason we are able to do this better than any other agency is because we are already a part of the addiction treatment and recovery conversation. We are a part of it as individuals, personally and professionally. Our goal is your goal; To help people find freedom from addiction and embark on a new way of life. Connect with Recovery Marketing of America (RMA) today for a free consultation by clicking here.

Local SEO

Email Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

In September of 2017 Google restricted and removed PPC advertising for addiction treatment claiming that many online searches were leading addicts to click on ads for rehab centers that were unfit to help them or, in some cases, endangering their lives. As of April 2018 Google has reinstated addiction treatment centers ability to advertise via PPC but a vetting process is now required. Your treatment center has to go through an approval process from LegitScript and the cost is $995.00 for the application, per unique facility, and a yearly charge of $1995.00 per facility is required as well. This is in addition to the ad cost for your campaign. Connect with Recovery Marketing of America (RMA) today as we already have experience in assisting facilities in becoming approved through this process.

The bottom line of SEO is that there is no quick fix to finding your addiction treatment center on the first page of Google and there is no progress without process. Recovery Marketing of America (RMA) has created and executed the right process for multiple clients and achieved success in a variety of markets when its comes to SEO. Our experience is that SEO is simply one cylinder in the engine of a complete digital marketing campaign that works in tandem with a physical marketing campaign. When your addiction treatment center is firing on all cylinders you will see a drastic improvement in your census. Click HERE, give us a call or fill out the form below for a free consultation today.

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